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Candy from Strangers is a musical duo comprised of Jay Crockett (Trew) and Danni Holland-Ingram. Their musical placements have included brands such as Fox Sports, NBA, MTV and a24 and they have collaborated with numerous producers including Eric Haywood, Dennis P. Coronel (Soulplusmind), Ernest Green (SoySoyErnesto), Willie Eaglin (Billie E Music) and Jay-Z hip-hop producer David Willis (Ski Beatz). Their music is an eclectic fusion of pop, hip-hop and electronic elements.

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“Access” Review from P3Hits

“Musical duo Candy From Strangers brings us a vibrant track by the name of “Access” that impresses from the start. This track gives off 80’s carefree energy while showing off the effortless talent coming from members Jay Crockett and Danni Holland-Ingram…” Click here to read full review  

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